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中國文化辦公設備制造行業協會 簡 介

    本協會名稱為中國文化辦公設備制造行業協會(簡稱“中國文辦協會”),英文名稱:CHINA CULTURE & OFFICE EQUIPMENT ASSOCIATION ,英文縮寫:CCOEA。





Brief Introduction
China Culture & Office Equipment Association (CCOEA) is voluntarily formed as main body by manufacturers of culture and office equipment consisting of relevant design institutes, universities and colleges, companies and enterprises engaged in scientific research, education and service of culture and office equipment. The association is a national social entity whose members are not restricted to department, region and ownership. It was founded with approval of Ministry of Civil Affairs in October 1990 as a social organization with legal entity and at present it has more than 200 group members. The Council has now entered the fifth, the fifth member of Congress held in Shenzhen December 2010 elected person primarily responsible for the Council.Entrusted by SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council), CCOEA is under jurisdiction of CMIF (China Machinery Industry Federation).
According to the 《National Economy Sector Classification》(GB/T4754-2002)published by National Bureau of Statistics of China, the culture and office equipment manufacturing industry contains both consumer products and equipment industry, which includes 6 categories: motion picture machinery, projector and projection equipment, photographic machinery and material, photocopying machinery and material , accounting and drafting machinery, and other culture and office machinery.
Abiding by constitution, laws, regulations, and policies, CCOEA's aims are as follows: committing itself to providing service to members, customs and government, reporting on wishes and needs of members, protecting lawful rights and interests of members, assisting government in industrial management, promoting healthy development of the industry, fully playing its role as a bridge and linkage between government and enterprises.
CCOEA has 5 Sub-Associations as Document Imaging Equipment & Material Sub-Association in Beijing, Photo-Copying Equipment & Material Sub-Association in Tianjin, Photographic Machinery & Material Sub-Association in Hangzhou, Motion Picture & Audio-Visual Education Equipment Sub-Association in Qinhuangdao, and Consumptive Material & Fittings for Office Equipment Professional Commission. CCOEA's Secretariat is a Standing Organ composed of General Office, Information Dept., Industrial Affairs Dept., Exhibition office, Science & Technology Dept., and Standardization Commission.
We sincerely welcome individuals who are interested in the industry, manufacturers, sales agents and relevant organizations worldwide to establish business contacts with us. CCOEA is willing to provide services in strengthening exchanges and cooperation among domestic and foreign firms in aspects of production, technology and trade.


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